Stennis Sets Sail for Deployment

Story by MC3 Dugan Flynn
Photo by MC2 Kyle Steckler

USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) departed Bremerton today for a seven-month deployment to the western Pacific Ocean and the Persian Gulf.

The ship got underway after family and friends bade farewell in the morning followed by brief remarks and questions-and-answers with regional media with Commander, Carrier Strike Group 3, Rear Adm. Craig Faller and Stennis Commanding Officer, Capt. Ron Reis.

“This carrier has 5,000 Sailors aboard, and today we welcome the families on board to share that special moment before we head underway and do our nation’s bidding,” said Reis. “The families are the core support to ensure that the Sailors are cared for while they’re underway. Like all services, being separated from your families is extremely difficult, but the United States Navy has dealt with that since its conception and we have done it better than any other service.”

Family and friends were allowed aboard to take pictures in the hangar bay and spend last moments with loved ones before deployment.

“I have a husband in the Navy; we’ve been married for a year and a half and have a ten month old who came aboard to say goodbye,” said Master at Arms 2nd Class (EXW) Sara Coyne. “It was really hard, but at least my husband is on shore duty so at least he’s there to take care of the baby.”

During this deployment, Stennis will foster diplomatic relationships with partner nations in the region.

“Wherever we go, wherever we sail, we’re not just passing through,” said Faller. “We’re training and working with friends and allies. Perhaps even pulling into a port and doing community relations projects. Wherever we go, we will be engaged.”

While interacting with partner nations, many Sailors will have the opportunity to have new experiences they’ve never had before.

“I’m looking forward to getting out there and seeing different countries,” said Personnel Specialist 2nd Class Justin McQuillin. “I want to try different foods and experience new cultures.”

Stennis will be joined by Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 9, Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 21 and USS Mobile Bay (CG 53), providing air support to the war efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq and maritime security, ensuring freedom of navigation and regional stability.

“We are a nation at war,” said Faller. “That war is going on as we speak in Afghanistan. We will be joining that fight, and supporting those operations. Also, we are still involved and engaged in Iraq. We expect to be involved and supporting those operations as well.”

During the seven-month deployment the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group is prepared to respond to any operational situation with flexible and sustainable force on short notice in order to protect America’s vital interests across the globe.

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~ by USS John C. Stennis - Official News on July 26, 2011.

30 Responses to “Stennis Sets Sail for Deployment”

  1. God Speed…be you all, especially my son David…see you guys in 7 months! :)

  2. Be safe!

  3. Best wishes to the sailors of the Stennis as it deploys to keep us free.

  4. On watch, on duty, at sea. Stay focused, do your best.
    God is with you, all the time. WGL, Semper Fidelis.

  5. Thank you all for your service and sacrifices, especially my Son & Hero who keeps us all safe and free!! God Bless, love you and see you when you return!! The sailors and ship are looking great!!

  6. The family of Larry Scott [Scotty} Heritage in Arkansas will have all the men aboard in our prayers for the duration of this deployment

  7. Thank you for your service to our nation!

  8. I hope everyone on the ship stays safe and comes home soon. Each and everyone of you are truly appreciated for what you do. We will all miss a special family member who is aboard the ship, but are thankful everyday for what you are doing for us and our country. I personaly will miss my son, but know that there are many others who are missing someone special to them. We ask that all of you stay safe and come home soon.

  9. Be Safe ! We will miss our son Bobby while on his 1st deployment…..God Speed and can’t wait to see you in 7 months =) Love you Mom & Dad

  10. God speed, have a safe deployment and hurry back.

  11. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice away from family and friends. You help keep us safe and we appreciate all you do for this great nation. Gods speed and get home safely!

  12. GODSPEED and GOD BLESS each and everyone aboard this ship! A special request that God look out for my only son. I love you Joseph! I am so proud of you. Come home to your family safe and sound.

  13. May God watch over all who serve and this ship! Very proud Mom of son, Jesse. Take care,stay alert and I will always be praying and watching for your return. Your never alone!!

  14. To the brave men and women of the USS John C Sennis, I’m sending special prayers for you and appreciation for your service toward our freedom. Sending my love to you Kristopher R.

  15. God be with all of you. My oldest son is with you and I pray God’s continued blessings on each and every sailor.

  16. May the good Lord watch over each and every one of the sailors aboard this ship. Stay safe and know that you are in our prayers. Thank you for protecting our nations freedom. I am especially proud of my son Ken A. and will miss him dearly. Stay alert!

  17. We will miss our, son, Paul, and wish him a safe journey. God be with you and keep everyone safe on this 7 month adventure. Thank you for all you have done. We are so proud of you and the Navy.

  18. We love you Robert! Good Luck from Mom, Dad, Beth, Catherine, Meg, Monty, Red, Blue and the turtles!!! <33 See you in 7 months- can't wait to hear your stories!!!

  19. We will miss you Jillian! Take care and God bless you and everyone on board. Megan and Kelly send their love and say to tell you “Hoo-Yah!!!” =P

  20. I am so proud of my granddaughter Dolly on her first deployment. God Speed and Smooth Sailing

    Been there Done That and was an unforgetable experience. Have fun and stay safe

  21. Stay alert, stay safe. God speed to each and every one of you!!!
    Carol inColorado

  22. Stay safe, keep on the watch, watch your back and the Man or Woman beside you. Remember your Family is waiting for your safe return. We love and miss you! Charlie A. S. from the Bronx Ny.

    Extra proud Mom

  23. Every time I visit one of the sites I feel closer to my son Aaron; I am so proud of him and pray for him and his shipmates every day. LIVE LAUGH LOVE I wish the best for all of you

  24. We want to wish the crew a safe trip and return safely.
    to our Grandson, AN Clark. bes wishes
    Bob & Maria

  25. My Son is on that Carrier, We wish Him the best. May God Protect them and Bless them. Proud Parents Of A United States Sailor. God Bless America, Praying for A Safe Return.

  26. Know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you and your fellow sailors and airmen/women a safe journey.

    Keep the faith!

    Love always,

    Aunt Jerra

  27. It is a supper great konowing that all of you are ther to protect our country and freedom!! Thank you all !!!! Happy birthday to my son Stephen. God bless you all!! Dobbe Spasojevich.

  28. Just big thank you to ALL of YOU!!!

  29. Never thought I could be more proud of you today then I was 5+ years ago when you left MEPS… Hang tight son 10 more months and you will be home…. Have fun, find all the Skate Parks you can, and enjoy all the diversity and culture in every Port…. Be safe, be strong and be happy. Love Mom.. Lincoln, CA

  30. Thank You for representing our great country and defending against those that challemge world peace and our freedom. My faith and prayers go with everyone serving and specially my son Cody.

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