Story by Mass Communication Specialist Chablis Torrence

After nearly a month-and-a half of constant assessment by Afloat Training Group (ATG) Pacific, both the Tailored Ship’s Training Availability (TSTA) and the Final Evaluation Problem (FEP) are complete.

The efforts of the crew resulted in Stennis receiving an overall grade of excellent. TSTA evaluates the mission readiness of each operational level of a carrier including operations, combat systems and damage control.

“The ship as a whole did really well,” said Lt. Cmdr. Francis Brown, Stennis’ Training Officer.

Stennis underwent three different training phases during TSTA.

“ATG explains the battle scenario required to complete the phase,” said Hospital Corpsman 1st Class (SW/AW) Tammy Lowrey, an Medical Training Team (MTT) member.

From equipment and personnel casualty management to survivability in a man overboard situation, each phase progressed in difficulty, she added.

Stretcher bearers and corpsmen are trained and tested on the eight GITMO wounds and treatments during the drills. Hospital corpsmen were given additional training to ensure that the knowledge passed to repair locker Sailors would be sufficient for an actual casualty.

Integrated Training Team (ITT) worked with different repair lockers and departments to ensure the training flowed appropriately.

“It took a lot of planning and coordinating with the departments beforehand to make sure that the casualties we prepared were good for the training situation,” said Lowrey.

Though many Stennis crewmembers faced this kind of training situation for the first time, Stennis passed every requirement.

“About a third of our crew is new,” said Capt. Michael Wettlaufer, Stennis’ Executive Officer.

“We’ve got a lot of new leadership, people that have moved up in rank and filled new positions; we have to train them on how to do those new tasks. We took all the smaller drills, manning the fire hoses, doing the pipe patching and gradually worked it up through TSTA,” said Wettlaufer. “It culminated into FEP.

”With Damage Control Training Team (DCTT) and the MTT playing a major role and averaging a score of 95.5%, it equaled a score of excellent.

“ATG told me that there was a remarkable improvement from the beginning as compared to the final FEP assessment,” Brown said.

TSTA is part of the Navy’s commitment to maintaining war fighting readiness and developing Sailors, essential elements of America’s maritime strategy.

TSTA, as a whole, helps build a solid foundation of unit-level operating proficiency for the crew and develops and enhances Stennis’ ability to self-train.