Story by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kathleen O’Keefe
Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kenneth Abbate

Stennis successfully completed its Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) assessment Thursday at NavalAirStationNorthIsland.

The successful completion of INSURV means Stennis is fit to conduct sustained combat operations. The six-day assessment began Feb. 27 and despite a busy underway schedule, Stennis performed better than fleet average in 11 of 18 functional areas.

“The crew has worked through a really trying year,” said INSURV Coordinator Cmdr. Stevin Johnson. “They have been able to work though PIA, sea trials, TSTA/FEP and CoNA while still preparing for INSURV. The cleanliness of the ship and the engagement of the crew have left a lasting impression on the inspectors.”

“This inspection was truly a joy to conduct and that is a reflection of the professionalism and enthusiasm displayed by the crew,” said Capt. Robert A. Bonner, INSURV Senior Inspector.

Inspectors graded Stennis’ weapons, radar, engineering, and navigation systems as well as living conditions and the ship’s maintenance program.

“INSURV preparation was a long and tedious process, but it was something that needed to be done so we did the best job we could,” said Electronics Technician 3rd Class Adam Hoffmann. “It was worth it to be able to show off how great our ship is and all the hard work we do to make it that way.”

Interior Communications Technician Chief (SW) Dain Wilmarth, who has participated in three separate INSURV periods during his naval career, said Stennis’ crew worked hard to pass the inspection.

“It was a huge amount of hard work and coordination for our team,” said Wilmarth. “Everyone accomplished what they needed to and it paid off.”

Aviation Ordanceman Chief (AW/SW) Tim Church said this was his first INSURV inspection and it was a very hectic experience.

“It seemed like all we did was clean, clean, clean,” said Church. “Sometimes it felt like déjà vu, but my people performed phenomenally. We would not have done so well without the efforts of everyone.”

“Everyone aboard Stennis played a huge role in our success,” said Johnson. “Thanks to the efforts of the entire crew we have proven to be a capable warship ready to perform for its nation.”

The CNAF INSURV team, led by Mr. Bryan Peters, assisted Stennis’ crew in several preparation periods prior to INSURV.

“We couldn’t have performed as well as we did without the cooperation of the INSURV team and the hard work of the entire crew,” said Capt. Joseph Kuzmick, Stennis’ commanding officer.

Peters and his team were declared honorary Stennis crew members by the commanding officer for their dedicated work but the completion of INSURV is more than just a success for the crew.

“It’s not just about John C. Stennis, this is much bigger, it’s about the whole process of taking care of taxpayers money. We are all taxpayers,” said Kuzmick.

Stennis’ successful completion of INSURV supports the Navy’s commitment to maintaining a combat-ready carrier capable of achieving America’s maritime strategy and protecting its interests at home and abroad.