Story and photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kevin Murphy

The Navy is implementing an Enlisted Retention Board (ERB) due to high retention and overmanning in certain rates.

The purpose of the ERB is to reduce overmanning in 31 ratings projected to be more than 103 percent manned in fiscal year 2012 and rebalance rates to increase advancement opportunities for high performing Sailors.

“We are attracting and retaining the highest quality force we’ve ever had and these Sailors are increasingly looking at the Navy as a great long-term career choice,” said Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Mark Ferguson in an April 25 interview. “With this sustained high retention, systems designed to help maintain the balance in our force, particularly Perform-to Serve, have become over-burdened. As a result, re-enlistment and advancement opportunities for our high performing Sailors are being negatively impacted Fleet-wide.”

The Navy will examine the performance of roughly 16,000 Sailors and will release about 3,000 Sailors from overmanned rates such as Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Fuel), Operation Specialist and Ship’s Servicemen.

Sailors in pay grades E4 through E8 with at least seven years of active service computed from their active duty service date and less than 15 years of service will be reviewed by ERB.

After May 16, 2011, individual Sailors will be able to view their own board profile sheets at the NavyAdvancementCenter page on Navy Knowledge Online.

“Sailors are responsible for ensuring the information contained in their record is correct,” said Chief Navy Counselor (SW/AW) Jean-Hero Lamy. “If the information in the record is not up to date, Sailors can submit a letter with the latest information and added information about themselves.”

Factors which will determine non-retention include a Sailor’s declining performance, removal of security clearance when required by rating, and military or civilian convictions.

“The good thing is everybody in the overmanned ratings has an opportunity to convert to undermanned ratings by June 15,” said Lamy.

“I am thinking about converting to Navy Counselor,” said Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Fuels) 2nd Class (AW/ SW) Justin Delpalacio, who qualifies for the ERB.

“When I heard about the review board, it lit a light bulb over my head.”

The ERB for E4 and E5 convenes Aug. 22 and the ERB for E6 through E8 will meet Sept. 26.

Each board will be composed of a flag officer, officers and master chiefs. Senior chiefs and chiefs will serve as recorders.

“I want to re-enlist,” said Delpalacio. “The review board scares me. I am a little worried. There are people reviewing us who never worked with us. It could be an advantage for me or a disadvantage.”

In late fall, Stennis’ commanding officer Capt. Ronald Reis should be notified by NAVADMIN once the names of Sailors not selected for retention have been posted on BUPERS online (BOL).

For more information about the ERB, contact a departmental career counselor or refer to NAVADMIN 129/11.