Taking over a Strike Group-Preparing for Deployment

Commander, John C. Stennis Strike GroupJohn C. Stennis (CVN 74) and the Carrier Strike Group Three team completed a demanding and fast paced exercise designed to prepare us for the full range of missions from war to port visits. Operating in a training environment the Carrier Strike Group Three team unleashed the firepower and lethality of the United States Navy on a simulated enemy.

The Carrier Strike Group Three team of USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74), USS Mobile Bay (CG 53), Carrier Air Wing Nine (CVW-9) consisting of VFA-14 “Tophatters”, VFA-41 “Black Aces”, VFA-97 “Warhawks”, VFA-192 “Golden Dragons”, VAQ-133 “Wizards”, VAW-112 “Golden Hawks”, HSC-8 “Eightballers”, HSM-71 “Raptors”, and Destroyer Squadron Two One (DESRON 21) consisting of USS Dewey (DDG 105), USS Pinckney (DDG 91), USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108), USS Kidd (DDG 100) opposed notional enemy forces in the air, on the land, and on and under the sea and achieved all training objectives. The DESRON 21 team successfully found and attacked submarines. CVW-9 conducted punishing strikes ashore, along with air defense and war at sea strikes against enemy surface ships – all with precise effects. This realistic and demanding training will ensure we are combat ready for any future mission. Combat readiness demands hard work, teamwork and trust.

This combat readiness begins with each individual Sailor on our Strike Group team. A mission first mindset demands that each member of the team know themselves and their job. Each individual must be prepared – physically, mentally, morally and professionally. Exercises like the one just completed hone individual skills and forge us into a war fighting team. Teamwork wins. In our recently completed exercise we demonstrated that we are ready. But readiness is an everyday habit – executing today and preparing for tomorrow through continuous improvement are what has made our Navy the best. We can’t rest.

The great Sailors and the families of Strike Group Three represent the best of our Navy’s global force for good. We are war fighters and we must be ready.

RDML Craig Faller
Commander, John C. Stennis Strike Group