Story by MC2 Kathleen O’Keefe
Photo by MC3 Dugan Flynn

Stennis Sailors are hitting the books once again as the second term of John C. Stennis University (JCSU) begins this week.

The second term will offer classes that were not available during the first term including Psychology, Child Psychology, Japanese, and American Government. English and math classes are being offered this term as well.

“Overall the classes that are offered can benefit anyone,” said Stennis’ Education Officer Lt. j.g. Karl Rosenkranz. “Whether Sailors are working on an associate, bachelor or even masters degree, JCSU can help them get there.”

Though some classes have already begun, including Introductory, Intermediate and College Algebra, Introduction to Psychology, and Child Psychology, other classes are scheduled to start Oct. 8 when instructors come aboard.

Rosenkranz said the instructor led courses provide unique benefits to Sailors that benefit from a more hands on approach.

“The instructors that come aboard aren’t affected by things like river city or internet hours,” said Rosenkranz. “They also are able to work with Sailors’ schedules and provide a lot of options to those that really want to participate in the class.”

Sailors interested in enrolling in JCSU require a routed special request chit endorsed by their chain of command. Sailors should also be aware that some classes require them to have already taken a placement test.

Rosenkranz wants Sailors to know that a college education is something anyone in the Navy can achieve if they really desire it.

“College isn’t just for any particular rate or rank,” he said. “Whether you learn better with an instructor or work better at your own pace, we can help you meet your educational goals.”

The second term officially began Sept. 28 and is slated to end Nov. 11.