Story by MCSN Carla Ocampo
Photo by MC2 Kathleen O’Keefe

Sailors aboard USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) have surpassed their goal by donating more than $100,000 to the 2011 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as of Nov. 5.

In support of CFC Stennis set a goal and in four weeks the goal was exceeded raising $101,177.

CFC is a six-week fundraising drive that allows federal employees to donate to the charity of their choice.

“We met our goal ahead of schedule because of the efficient and sincere efforts of the departmental and divisional key persons that volunteered this year, but most of all we met our goal because of the generous donations of the JCS crew,” said Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic (AW/SW) James Beattie, command CFC coordinator.

When Sailors donate to CFC they donate to non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations don’t have a huge source of income and it is the generosity of people like Stennis Sailors that help them carry out their mission.

“Donating to any organization is important because it is an opportunity to give back to others in need and make a small contribution to a better way,” said Beattie.

With 12 days left Beattie said he expects the number of Sailors donating to increase by 25 percent and though the goal has been reached there are still a few departments left that are continuing to make their 100 percent contact.

“I decided to participate in CFC because I hope that my small contribution will make a difference,” said Legalman 1st Class (SW) Lakisha Baldwin.

Whether it’s participating in community relations projects, blood drives or simply serving their country, Sailors are always giving back and CFC is just another way Sailors can show their character.

“Committed comes to mind when I think of JCS Sailors’ character,” said Beattie. “Just as we have excelled in areas like PIA and COMPTUEX and JTFEX, this 50th anniversary CFC is another example of this crew’s commitment to any challenge.”

Sailors who still want to donate to CFC can fill out a contribution form from their departmental CFC representative to give cash, check, or directly from payroll. Donations will be accepted until Nov. 18.