Story by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Aime Lykins

PHILIPPINE SEA – Fourteen midshipmen aboard USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) served both enlisted personnel and officers on the forward and aft mess decks, wardrooms, and Chiefs Mess during lunch, June 8.

The midshipmen were given galley assignments within the S-2 food service division, partnered with culinary specialists (CS) and food service assistants (FSA), and instructed on shipboard food-service procedures and requirements.

“It’s about them getting the experience of what our division does on a daily basis,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Robert Compton, John C. Stennis’ food service officer. “Each of the midshipman were briefed on what they could do to help the crew, whether it was serve on the line, deliver food, refill the line or just clean and talk to the Sailors about their experiences.”

Compton coordinated the service efforts with Midshipman 1st Class Katherine Serrano from Colorado Springs, Colorado, who is responsible for coordinating the activities of the 2nd Class Midshipmen.

“As midshipmen, we hope to gain an understanding of another part of what people struggle with and do as part of their jobs that we can’t understand until we are actually doing the job,” said Serrano. “As a future officer who will be leading Sailors, I think what we should strive to be able to do is stay positive and keep the mentality of being motivated outside of what we immediately see.”

Both Compton and Serrano said they hoped the collaboration of midshipmen and enlisted personnel would facilitate good communication and a better understanding of the full scope of shipboard life.

Providing a ready force supporting security and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific, John C. Stennis is operating as part of the Great Green Fleet on a regularly scheduled 7th Fleet deployment.

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