Story by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jonathan Jiang

BREMERTON, Washington – Sailors from USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) attended ‘Change the Culture’ training from U.S. Pacific Fleet’s (PACFLT) sexual assault prevention and response officer (SAPRO), July 14.

Rather than just teaching Sailors how to react to sexual assault and destructive behaviors, the training lead by PACFLT SAPRO Capt. Roy Nafarrete focused on getting to the cultural roots of the problem.

“We are used to things like bystander intervention and consent and this is good. The ‘Change the Culture’ training really tries to get underneath that, to try and cultivate character in people so they won’t even get in those types of situations,” said Cmdr. Carey Cash, John C. Stennis’ command chaplain, from Memphis, Tennessee.

During the presentation, Nafarrete primarily addressed Sailors who were midlevel leaders.

“The critical middle, the work center supervisors, leading petty officers and chiefs, and the divisional officers, they’re going to be the ones that have more routine and regular contact with Sailors, they’re going to be the ones that notice the culture of their work centers and where it may be going adrift,” said Cash.

One of Nafarrete’s key points was self-introspection, how Sailors may be unknowingly contributing to a negative culture and how they can begin positively influencing others by being more aware of their own actions.

“I thought the training was pretty good … it showed how a lot of us are stuck in our own ways,” said Aviation Administration man 1st Class Kortney Gandy, from Darlington, South Carolina. “I have a strong sense of humor and I like to joke around but some of the jokes could be offensive to someone and I may not know that. I have to be aware of the things that I say.”

‘Change the Culture’ is not a mandatory Navy training but a resource that PACFLT offers to the Navy.

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John C. Stennis is conducting a planned incremental availability at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, during which the ship is undergoing scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

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