We are excited to provide this rare opportunity for Tigers to experience what it is like to serve on the finest warship in America. Please do not hesitate to contact the Tiger Cruise coordinator if you need any additional information or have additional questions. The Tiger Cruise coordinator is Mr. Chris Cation, and he is available at CVN74Funboss@gmail.com.

Q: What is the first day a Tiger can sleep onboard?
A: Tigers can sleep onboard starting the night of 04AUG.

Q: Will there be transportation from the airport to the base for Tigers?
A: Buses will pick up Tigers at the USO and Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam (Nimitz gate) from 1900-0100 on 04 August. If Tigers arrive before this time, we recommend they taxi or Uber to Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam (Halawa gate). From the Halawa gate, it is a short walk to the ship. Tigers will have to coordinate with their Sponsor to gain access to the base and ship.

Q: Where is the USO located in the Honolulu International Airport? A: The USO is located between baggage claim E and baggage claim F.

Q: Where will Tigers sleep while onboard?
A: Sponsors have coordinated their Tiger’s sleep arrangements. Tigers will sleep in staterooms, berthing and on cots as coordinated by their sponsors .

Q: Where do Tigers pickup their blankets, sheets and pillows? A: Sponsors have been issued those items already.

Q: What can Tigers bring onboard?
A: There is a list of recommended items that Tigers can bring and what they should not bring. This list has been provided to all Sponsors and is posted on Stennis’ website blog and Facebook page. Please look at that list carefully.

Q: Are there cell phone restrictions?
A: Cell phones are required to be put in airplane mode once the ship gets underway. You can take pictures with your cell phone but it must remain in airplane mode while onboard.

Q: Can Tigers bring electronic devices onboard?
A: Yes. All devices must be safety checked before being plugged into any ship outlet.

Q: What can I take photos and video of while onboard?
A: Tigers can photograph and film anywhere outside of crew living areas and off-limit areas.

Q: What restrooms can Tigers use?
A: Tigers can use any restrooms their sponsor can access.

Q: Can Tigers do laundry while onboard?
A: Tigers will not have access to laundry facilities while onboard.

Q: Will Tigers have access to a computer while onboard?
A: No. Tigers are not authorized to use shipboard computers.

Q: Are there off-limit areas onboard?
A: Yes. Signs will be posted to notify Tigers of off-limit areas.

Q: What activities are scheduled for Tigers?
A: A schedule of events will be provided in each Tiger’s welcome bag, plus announcements will be made during the cruise to notify Tigers of events.

Q: Does the ship have commercial ATMs?
A: No. Plan to get cash before you arrive onboard.

Q: How can Tigers purchase items onboard?
A: Tigers will need to put money on a Navy Cash visitor card in order to purchase items onboard, or have their sponsors use their Navy Cash accounts. Navy Cash Cards can be purchased from the Disbursing office.

Q: Are Tigers allowed to use the ship’s gyms?
A: Yes. Tigers are allowed to use gyms but must be 14 years or older to use gym equipment.

Q: Are there Medical personnel onboard?
A: Yes. The ship has a complete Medical facility onboard for the treatment of emergencies.

Q: What type of footwear is authorized onboard?
A: Close-toed shoes. Open-toed shoes will not allowed to be worn onboard.

Q: What is MCH?
A: MCH, or Material Condition Hour, is typically the first working hour of the day. This is when everyone cleans and completes maintenance on the ship.

Q: I have allergies to certain foods. Will we know what is in the food that is cooked onboard?
A: Yes, all galleys will have a list of ingredients contained in the food items being served during each meal. Please note that while individual meal requests cannot be accommodated, a variety of foods are served onboard for every meal.

Q: Will Tigers be able to attend church on Sunday?
A: Yes. Tigers will be allowed to attend the various religious services available onboard.

Q: Will there be transportation from the Ship to the Airport for Tigers in San Diego?
A: Yes, there will be buses transporting Tigers to the airport upon arrival in San Diego.